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We are a small 2-3 employee company that started out about 30 years ago out of a tiny 300 person town. It started with Larry(owner) in his garage fixing snowmobiles on the side of his normal Job as a truck driver. Then the selling of parts came along, that was made possible because he would go around to everyone he knew and would get a pre-season order and payment for it up front. He would then travel around to swap meets and sell those parts and re-order those parts and continue to sell them again at these swap meets each weekend. As the word started to spread he began to grow and grow the sales side of things.

As his one distributor was expanding, they switched over to the ATV side of things. Larry then switched into the tire side of things along with other ATV parts. As eBay started to get bigger so did we. We began listing products online then shipping them across the country. We definitely consider ourselves a small company but when it comes to pricing we try to be as aggressive as we can!